How to interpret your dreams without dream dictionaries

Have you ever checked dream dictionaries online in order to understand the meaning of your dreams?

I did, and I rarely got any meaningful explanation. Of course, you can always find one detail that is relevant for you in random woo-woo, but all the rest of the interpretation usually doesn’t make any sense. It makes no sense because we all have different values, symbols and life purposes. I think these dream dictionaries are as irrelevant as horoscope, because there’s neither logic nor science in horoscopes and dream dictionaries. You’ll always find things than match you or please you in fake interpretations. Any good psychologist can make fake paranormal interpretations. Just don’t waste your money in services refuted by science.


By talking about dreams with my brother over the years systematically, we found out that interpreting dreams was so much simpler than we thought. The answers are within you. Piece of cake! Just ask yourself some simple questions:

• What did you see in your dream and what do these things remind you of? These objects, places, people, animals, etc. are a mix of what you experienced and witnessed in real life lately. That’s completely normal.
• How did you feel as the events unrolled in your dream? Happy? Relaxed? Anxious? Scared? Real life stress, fears, goals and fantasies are mirrored in dreams. Take good note of which dream items struck you emotionally, for they reflect your real struggles or aspirations.
• Did you go to another floor? It symbolizes a change of consciousness level within the dream.
• Did you cross a doorstep? Going to another room is just a complete change of scene.
• Did you use transports or park your vehicle over and over? It simply means you’re dreaming very lightly, close to waking up. It shows you have slept enough and are enjoying some extra sleep.

Have a paper and a pen next to your bed so you can write your dreams immediately after you wake up. Telling your dreams to a close friend or a family member is a good way to understand dreams too. I suggest you practice writing or telling your dreams because this can help make their meaning more obvious.

If you want to improve your chances to remember your dreams, I suggest you read my previous article Lucid dreaming – Best tips.


Author: doucefrugalite

Créatrice du site et coach en mode de vie sain avec une alimentation végétalienne HCLF

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