Photography in wild Alsace, France (my home)

Vote for the landscape you like most in the comment section ☘
(All pictures are mine.)

#1 View from the hill behind my house

#2 Sunset when I was lost in another valley
barriere montagne coucher du soleil.jpg

#3 Wild end of the Munster valley
vallee sauvage.jpg

#4 Witch caldrons (Cuve des Fées) on rocks at the Grand Hohnack summit
puits de sorciere.JPG

#5 Misty passage between rocks (Le sentier des roches)

#6 A dream place for retirement or a holiday? (Réserve Naturelle Frankenthal-Missheimle)
maison de reve.JPG

#7 A wooden bridge close to that dream house
depuis le pont.JPG

#8 Lovely and loud donkeys in front of l’Auberge du Ried

#9 Sloes. These edible berries are called “prunelle” in French, it means “small plums”. Don’t pick them to early, because they would be to acidic. Wait for the end of Autumn to pick this tiny survival fruit.

#10 Winter at the Petit Ballon des Vosges
petit ballon.jpg

#11 Ridges
cretes bruissons.JPG

#12 Morning ray of light in the forest
rayons du matin.jpg

#13 This is love (cows near the Wettstein pass)
vaches ok.jpg

#14 Schiessrothried lake
lac du schiesssrothried.JPG

#15 A cute little bridge somewhere of the way to the Lac du Forlet
pont de bois.JPG

#16 What a view. It feel good to have climbed that.
vue magnifique.jpg

#17 Mossy rocks

#18 Ridges in summer near to the Petit Ballon summit

#19 Northwest side of the Gaschney mountain
quelque part.JPG

#20 Rocky path between the Gaschney path and the Schiessrothried inn
sentier de rochers.jpg

#21 That’s so steep! (Trois Fours area)
cretes raides.JPG

#22 A wild and quiet area (at Shiessrothried inn)
auberge du shiessrothried.jpg

#23 View from the ridges on the lake
vue imprenable.JPG

#24 Can you feel the fresh air just by looking at this ridge picture?
vue splendide.JPG

#25 Back in the Munster valley

#26 A nap on the moss, anyone?

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Créatrice du site et coach en mode de vie sain avec une alimentation végétalienne HCLF

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