Why do they all dump you? Are you cursed to be lonely?

Has your crush sneaked out after sex and avoided you since then?
Were you living a dream with “the one” and has it ended suddenly for no apparent reason?

For starters, there’s no such things as “the one”. There are plenty of potential good matches for you on Earth. Movies and songs make you believe there’s one person for you out there that you need to find. You’ll think you’ve found “the one” when a new partner makes you feel amazing. But when “the one” rejects you, it can trigger something which can build-up fear of rejection in you. You’ll start seeing a pattern of disappointments and think you’re cursed or other nonsense. Then, a weak emotional muscle and low self-esteem can lead to despair.


The way stated above is the way to failure and sadness. Let me teach you my way.

• You must overcome fear of rejection by loving yourself more. Learn to enjoy spending time alone. Once you find you’re in good company just by yourself, you will not fear being alone. Understand how awesome you are. Here’s the attitude for letting go and being happy: “If he/she doesn’t want me, it’s his/her loss.” Radiant and happy people are way more attractive than drainbows.

• If you stay in some circles, like alcoholics, drug addicts, hate groups, victim groups, then you’re not going to meet any great partners. By becoming a better person, you’ll attract better quality people too. If you become fit, you’ll meet fit people. If you become an artist, you’ll meet artists. Just socialize with people with a healthier mindset and be the kind of person you’d like to date.

• Understand how relationships work. I recommend Corey Wayne teachings. Take some time to get to know the kind of people you like. Practice dating, you’ll gain some experience and confidence. The beginning of a relationship is a crucial moment when some behaviors can deter people away or attract them like magnets. Being needy, complaining, insisting, having low-self esteem, being fake, etc. is unattractive, while being well-centered, looking healthy, having high standards, following a life purpose, being passionate, etc. are attractive.

• You need to bond enough with your new potential partner before having sex for the first time. If you don’t take enough time for the important bonding step, then that new person will have no reason to stay with you after getting a sex fix. If the only thing that person appreciates in you is sex, or if he/she doesn’t like/know your personality, you cannot expect a one-night stand to last. That’s why sleeping together on the first night is not recommended if you want to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend.

• Don’t expect too much from new people in your life. Don’t offer your heart so fast. Relax and take your time. Taking a relationship too seriously too fast scares potential boyfriends/girlfriends away. Let go with your fears and embrace the present moment. You cannot be disappointed if you don’t have expectations.


• I could give lots of tips to make work relationships in the long run. I’m going to keep it short in this article. My main tip is having an excellent communication with your beloved one. Your partner must be your greatest confident. Any lie is going to erode each other’s trust. You have to communicate about everything, especially what you consider as shameful. If you cannot tell the truth about your small issues, how will you ever be able to share really big things? Don’t allow the snowball effect ruin your relationship. Don’t hide things from your beloved one. You cannot build a real relationship on lies. Also, remember to keep an attractive personality in the long term. Becoming complacent can lead to breakups.

• Understand that all our experiences are an opportunity to grow. Make conscious decisions as much as possible. As you evolve in life, some people can become bad matches for you. Being dumped is actually a great chance to move on and meet new people that suit you better. Don’t be attached to the past and don’t fear the future, for this is not the way to a thriving life. The key is acceptance. The quicker you accept life vicissitude, the quicker great things will come your way. Accept what you cannot control, but develop good strategies to go where you want to be.

Author: doucefrugalite

Créatrice du site DouceFrugalite.com et coach en mode de vie sain avec une alimentation végétalienne HCLF

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