How much fat do we need?

I read/hear so much incorrect advice on fat.  Fat seems to be the protein of the vegan/nutritionist industry…  Bro where do you get your “healthy” fats?  I’m just sick of seeing all the nonsense about fat.  Its on par with the inaccuracies on protein & the misinformation goes up to the highest nutritional bodies in the world & in the paragraphs that follow I will discredit them fully back to Science 101.

The only dietary fat we need are from EFAs Essential Fatty Acids, just like the only dietary protein we need are from Essential Amino Acids.  These are both required by the body for health & not made in the bodyheads up THE REST ARE!  On a calorically sufficient diet, which may be the reason a person needs to move up the calorie density scale, you have no dietary requirements for added non essential fat or non essential protein.  Not everyone is great at eating enough, though, because the standard american diet is very calorie dense with the french fries, bacon cheese hamburgers, soda and beer someone switching from a restrictive past they developed to cope with the toxic food environment will often find themselves under eating on whole foods.  The answer is simple, just eat more calorie dense whole plant foods, which include pastas (not a fat), dried fruit (not a fat), nuts (not a protein, predominately fat calories), seeds (a fat), etc & if your appetite increases dial them back if weight gain occurs. 

The most common forms of cancer are linked to sex hormones.  So before you continue to repeat the insanity that “you need more fat” take a step back and decide if that is the cancerous future you wish for that person… 

A whole food plant based diet has enough fat, it can range from 8 to 20% of the diet.  The healthiest people on the planet, the Okinawans, ate a 6% fat diet. We have a much richer global plant pallet to enjoy these days.

So put away your Google Degree in Nutrition (sometimes superior to what people pay for in college nutrition degrees), what is the USRDA of the non essential fats?  So many fats, they store in the body in their same structure, so if you eat Vaccenic Acid (butter), or trans fat and we biopsy your adipose tissue we find the exact same BUTTER (Vaccenic C18:1, t11) fat you ate.  That should be a HUGE LIGHT BULB for fat denialists.  The fat you eat is 100% the fat you wear, but you obviously have no idea about carbon bonds and molecular structure because the entire dietary industry has been without a scientific backbone in the highest offices for a long time, but that is CHANGING RAPIDLY.

The Dietary Requirements for EFA is 1-2% of calories.  On a 2000 calorie diet that is 20 calories of Linoleic acid & amounts of   Why are you harassing people about 20 calories of fat?????   Focus on the other 1980+ and make sure they are from predominately starch, vegetables, fruits & greens and that covers it easily!  Diets as low as .1% Linoleic Acid or 2 calories have been shown to reverse EFA deficiency…  

Instead of being a nervous nelly and trying to fear monger people I suggest you do what they do in China & ask the simple question “Have you eaten?” & if not offer them a meal.  If you keep repeating a lie, it doesn’t make it true no matter how passionate the speaker.

The efficiency of fatty acid and monoglyceride absorption in healthy adults is high, ranging from 95 to 99%.  So yes once again the FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR!  Does that mean you should fear eating fat?  IT DEPENDS ON WHAT KIND!  The new Dietary Guidelines say there is “almost no room for saturated fat on any eating plan” & its obvious trans fat are bad.  It depends on if you have blockage in your arteries or other arterial or fat damaging disease.  Do you really think its wise to have waxy fats that are the largest particles in the blood circulating a diseased and narrow system, which CHILDREN are found to have now?  Chylomicrons are the largest particles in the blood & are how dietary fats are transported…

 Did you know that overdoing either Omega 6 or omega 3 impairs the other?  They both compete for the same enzymes so it is required that we keep a close balance, as occurs in nature when NOT ADDING FAT.

There are many other risks of overdoing added fats, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, bleeding, nutritional imbalances, immune system suppression.

So why are the fat recommendations such a hypocrisy?  Well the people in charge were misinformed, but its improving as the internet and availability of studies becomes unavoidable to even the blindest eyes.  Here is the Position Statement of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on Dietary Fat, which cites the FAO (which I have already given a history lesson on where fat requirements were for avoiding starvation)   

These total fat intake recommendations are based on evidence that indicates consumption outside of these ranges is associated with a greater intake of energy and SFA (fat intake >35%) or greater intake in carbohydrate (fat intake <20%); higher intake of carbohydrate leads to increases in plasma triglyceride and reductions in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels. 


So even though their 20% low end is the same as our 20% high end with WSLF their justification has completely been debunked, yet they still model their position statement after falsehoods…

#1. HDL lowers on a healthy diet ALONG WITH TOTAL Cholesterol.  No one in the history of the world has died from low hdl, they die from rotten arteries from a high fat & high cholesterol diet.  Low HDL with low total cholesterol is the HEALTHIEST.  If your Dr tells you to worry that your HDL is low when your total cholesterol is low they are completely uninformed.

#2. A starch based diet causes triglycerides to decrease.  Which is also why we limit sugar & don’t eat fruit & smoothie based meals on WSLF because refined carbohydrates and mono & di saccharides (starch is a polysaccharide) tend to raise triglycerides.  poly/starch NO, mono/sugar Some people.

So how much dietary fat do you need?  Enough to keep you with a healthy percentage of body fat, but that can’t be accomplished on fat alone.  When your goal is losing fat, you want to keep your fat balance very low, since calories are not interchangeable currencies you do not want to replace the fat you burn each day with more dietary fat that stores almost fully (95-99%) back on the body.  If you did not have an adequate supply of EFAs that are stored on your body it makes sense to include these in your diet at the minimal amount, which are easily met on diets like WSLF.  If you are underweight you need to include more calorie dense foods in your diet, which INCLUDE higher fat items, but this alone will not create an increase in body fat because if you do not eat beyond your energy needs the fat will simply get utilized as energy, so combining them with an equal amount of refined carbohydrates will ensure weight gain.  Breast milk is largely a balance of fat & sugar with very little protein (6%) and is the fuel when we put on the most weight in our lifetimes.  To maintain a healthy lifestyle & fat percentage you simple add more calorie dense items if your weight goes down and replace them with more whole food plants if it goes up.  There is no fat requirement beyond the EFAs other than to meet your energy requirements, but there most certainly is a fat ceiling & protein ceiling & carb ceiling.  There are detrimental effects for ADULTS of surpassing 35% of your dietary calories from fat & 35% of your calories from protein & of course if you look at the minimum fat & minimum protein requirements and subtract them from the carbohydrate that would give you a max around 95% carbs that you would result in EFA & Protein deficiency, which is impossible aside from a poorly planned sugar/fruit diet.  Luckily on a WSLF diet you will be in the 8%-20% on fat, 10%+ on protein depending on body weight & somewhere around 80% carbs from STARCH.  The missing link in the nutritional scientific sink IS THE STARCH… 



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