Is organic meat healthy?

Let’s check what researchers have found about the health of people who lived in very cold climates, like Inuits. These populations are known to have a meat-based diet. Sources are listed at the end of this article.

Ötzi the Iceman, found frozen in the Alps, had gallstones, hardened arteries and fatty streaks in his arteries, which is the first sign of atherosclerosis.

Researchers examining the content of his stomach worked out that his final meal consisted of venison and ibex meat.

The Westernization of their diets actually lowered their rates of heart disease. You know your diet is bad when the arrival of Twinkies improves your health.

Meat doesn’t get any more organic than that and it still caused heart disease! Even climbing mountains couldn’t protect him from heart disease. Because all meat comes with artery clogging substances like cholesterol and saturated fats.

Same goes for all Inuits who eat mostly wild caught meat and basically no fruits and vegetables. The totality of evidence from actual clinical investigations, autopsies and imaging techniques is that they have the same plague of coronary artery disease than non Inuit populations have, and actually have twice the fatal stroke rate and don’t live particularly long.

Another example from 500 years ago, an Inuit woman in her early 40’s – atherosclerosis in her aorta and coronary arteries.

Compiled by Ferdinand Beck

Furthermore, scientists have found that organic meat contains the same amount of carcinogenic substances than conventional meat.

Sources :

Keto diet consequences you need to know about

In the popular and widely used Atkins diet, the body burns fat as its main fuel. This process produces ketosis and hence increased levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BOB) acetoacetate (AcAc) and its by-products acetone and acetol. These products are potential precursors of the glycotoxin methylglyoxal. Since methylglyoxal and its byproducts are recognized as a significant cause of blood vessel and tissue damage, we measured methylglyoxal, acetone, and acetol in subjects on the Atkins diet. We found that by 14-28 days, methylghyoxal levels rose 1.67-fold (P = 0.039) and acetol and acetone levels increased 2.7- and 6.12-fold, respectively (P = 0.012 and 0.028). Samples from subjects with ketosis showed even greater increases in methylglyoxal (2.12-fold), as well as acetol and acetone, which increased 4.19- and 7.9-fold, respectively; while no changes were seen in samples from noncompliant, nonketotic subjects. The increase in methylglyoxal implies that potential tissue and vascular damage can occur on the Atkins diet and should be considered when choosing a weight-loss program.

Wow, WTG being a radical!  makes you feel so cool!  look up acetone.  Wait, I’ll do it for you.

(CH3)2CO.[12] It is a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid, and is the simplest and smallest ketone.

Acetone is a good solvent for many plastics and some synthetic fibers. It is used for thinning polyester resin, cleaning tools used with it, and dissolving two-part epoxies and superglue before they harden. It is used as one of the volatile components of some paints and varnishes. As a heavy-duty degreaser, it is useful in the preparation of metal prior to painting.

H336 (97.99%): May cause drowsiness or dizziness [Warning Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure; Narcotic effects]

Effects of Long Term Exposure The substance defats the skin, which may cause dryness or cracking. Repeated or prolonged contact with skin may cause dryness and cracking.

Ingestion Prevention Do not eat, drink, or smoke during work. Wash hands before eating.

Acetone may form explosive mixtures with chromic anhydride, chromyl chloridehexachloromelaminehydrogen peroxidenitric acid and acetic acidnitric acid and sulfuric acidnitrosyl chloridenitrosyl perchlorate, nitryl perchlorate, permonosulfuric acid, potassium tert-butoxidethiodiglycol and hydrogen peroxide.  (maybe this is how people spontaneously combust? j/k, or am I?)

For more reading on the dangers of a high fat diet.

Once again, this is how we screwed up our diet.

So you can go Keto and AT LEAST cut out 34% flours + 7% sugars = 41% reduction off 1970s or go HCLF and AT LEAST cut out the 48% of added fats or you could go Whole Starch Low Fat and cut BOTH OFF and follow a diet recommended by the consensus of over 400 top health professionals in the world.

Take the olive branch here 🙂 take the best of both worlds.  Its a sane foundation you can build to your own uniqueness despite the fact we are all the same species.

The DNA of all human beings living today is 99.9% alike

That .1% really all that special? maybe 🙂 LMK!

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5 reasons why doctors who read studies don’t recommend a keto diet

This is a short text, written by Dr McMacken, that is easy to share with the people you care about.

Five reasons why physicians that read studies do not recommend the keto diet.

(Scientific references are below the article.)

1. That we know of, no population in history has ever thrived on a very-low-carb/high-fat diet. There is exactly zero scientific evidence that a keto diet is conducive to longevity & longstanding vitality – unlike a plant-centric diet, the foundation of the longest-lived people on earth.
2. A keto diet may cause short-term weight loss, but possibly at a serious price. A 2010 review found that low-carb, animal-based diets increased cardiovascular death by 14%, cancer death by 28%, & all-cause mortality by 23%- trends confirmed in other large studies.
3. A keto diet hasn’t been shown to prevent, control, or reverse type 2 diabetes in the long run. Avoiding carbs will temporarily lower your blood sugar if you have diabetes. But this simply masks the underlying problem, which is insulin resistance – ie, glucose in our blood can’t enter our cells & the liver overproduces sugar. This is NOT the fault of carbs from healthy foods – whole grains, legumes, fruit, or even starchy vegetables. In fact, a high-carb, high-fiber, plant-based diet is exceptionally protective against diabetes & can actually REVERSE insulin resistance & lower diabetes complications. In contrast, low-carb diets can promote diabetes over time, as they foster inflammation & fat buildup in our cells, causing insulin resistance.
4. Keto diet research is in its infancy, focusing on short-term blood results & body weight – not actual rates of disease or death. And some findings are concerning. LDL cholesterol levels tend to rise (or at best, stay the same) on keto diets. An overwhelming wealth of research shows that the higher the LDL, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease.
5. A keto diet is low in refined grains & added sugar. But it also can be low in phytonutrients, antioxidants, & fiber, all of which have profound benefits, and it forbids some of the most powerfully health-promoting foods on earth – whole grains, legumes, & many fruits. To me, that’s just not good medicine.

Written by Dr. Michelle McMacken Board-certified internal medicine physician. Passionate about preventing & reversing chronic disease through evidence-based nutrition. Plant eater.


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An addressable cause of smoke season in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

The smoke season in Chiang Mai province lasts from mid February to mid April (Songkran). It jeopardizes people’s health and tourism incomes.

Now, take a look at these graphs (screenshots made on March 29th, 2018). Do these figures appear normal to you?
cnx and bkk aqi.png

Why is the air quality in Chiang Mai much worse than in Bangkok (capital of Thailand)? As Bangkok is a town much bigger than Chiang Mai, it should more polluted because of its traffic, right? There must be another major cause of pollution. Traffic emissions cannot explain why Chiang Mai is so polluted during the “smoke season.”

The smoke is visible and people experience health issues in Chiang Mai. You’ll see many people wearing masks to filter the particles. I do not wear such masks as I do not feel any symptom, even when I ride my bicycle.

For starters, farmers are used to burn fields and brush to get ready for a new season of crops, this persistent habit generates huge amounts of smoke. Authorities are currently working on projects of biocharovens, which could fix part of the smog problem.

Local residents are also blamed for burning garbage that caused thick smoke to blanket wide areas of Chiang Mai.
garbage fire.png

Look at these burnt corn cobs. They are burnt massively around Chiang Mai and cause lots of smoke. There are many pig farms in Chiang Mai province. These pigs are fed with corn, and then the farmers burn the cobs outside in the open air.
burn corn cobs.jpg

Unlike in former times, Thai people eat lotssss of pig meat nowadays. There’s meat literally everywhere in Chiang Mai. Barbecued meat is being prepared on every street corner as of 7 a.m. More smoke thanks to BBQ’s…

Eating animal products involves growing much more plants than eating plants directly. It makes sense, as you have to feed the cattle. The human population is too big to keep playing hunters. Humans don’t hunt, they buy pieces of dead exploited animals. Animal agriculture is detrimental for the planet and human health. Protein is actually very easy to get in a plant-based diet. But if you care about protein deficiency, check the protein efficiency diagram below.
Land Use Efficiency.jpg

Vegan meals are not boring. I became passionate about food when I became a vegan:
Mouth-watering foods that are actually healthy
And Best FRUIT ART you’ll ever see

Smart land use efficiency

To end on a positive note:
A great thing in Thailand is the plentiful number of vegetarian restaurants spread in the whole country. You can identify them by their sign, pronounced “jay”, which looks like the number “17”. Chiang Mai is also known as one of the vegan capitals in the world. Check these vegan/vegetarian restaurants on the mobile app HappyCow. Every time you spend money, you promote an industry.
jay vegetarian thailand.jpg

Do you want to be part of the problem of part of the solution?
This is a choice you can make on a daily basis:
• by using a bicycle, common transports or your legs instead of a car/motorbike;
• by eating plants instead of animal products;
• by buying only what you really need;
• by refusing plastic bags and other single-use plastics;

Share your eco ideas 🙂

Do you want me to write an article about minimalism?01

RECIPE: Healthy easy-to-chew raw fruity satiating salad

This is the best salad I’ve ever had. Here is the recipe.

salade 169.jpg

Here are the ingredients you’ll need for 1 person:

☻2 small zucchinis
☻3 mangoes
☻1 bunch of cilantro
☻5 leaves of lettuce
☻3 red bell peppers
☻1 yellow bell pepper

Required kitchenware: blender, knife, board.


  1. Make zucchinis noodles/spaghetti using a knife or a spiralizer.
  2. Cut 1 mango, 1 red bell pepper and 1 yellow bell pepper into small pieces.
  3. Mince 1 bunch of cilantro and 5 leaves of lettuce.
  4. Prepare the sauce by simply mixing 2 mangoes and 2 red bell peppers in a blender.
  5. Put everything in a big bowl or a big container and enjoy!


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Why do they all dump you? Are you cursed to be lonely?

Has your crush sneaked out after sex and avoided you since then?
Were you living a dream with “the one” and has it ended suddenly for no apparent reason?

For starters, there’s no such things as “the one”. There are plenty of potential good matches for you on Earth. Movies and songs make you believe there’s one person for you out there that you need to find. You’ll think you’ve found “the one” when a new partner makes you feel amazing. But when “the one” rejects you, it can trigger something which can build-up fear of rejection in you. You’ll start seeing a pattern of disappointments and think you’re cursed or other nonsense. Then, a weak emotional muscle and low self-esteem can lead to despair.


The way stated above is the way to failure and sadness. Let me teach you my way.

• You must overcome fear of rejection by loving yourself more. Learn to enjoy spending time alone. Once you find you’re in good company just by yourself, you will not fear being alone. Understand how awesome you are. Here’s the attitude for letting go and being happy: “If he/she doesn’t want me, it’s his/her loss.” Radiant and happy people are way more attractive than drainbows.

• If you stay in some circles, like alcoholics, drug addicts, hate groups, victim groups, then you’re not going to meet any great partners. By becoming a better person, you’ll attract better quality people too. If you become fit, you’ll meet fit people. If you become an artist, you’ll meet artists. Just socialize with people with a healthier mindset and be the kind of person you’d like to date.

• Understand how relationships work. I recommend Corey Wayne teachings. Take some time to get to know the kind of people you like. Practice dating, you’ll gain some experience and confidence. The beginning of a relationship is a crucial moment when some behaviors can deter people away or attract them like magnets. Being needy, complaining, insisting, having low-self esteem, being fake, etc. is unattractive, while being well-centered, looking healthy, having high standards, following a life purpose, being passionate, etc. are attractive.

• You need to bond enough with your new potential partner before having sex for the first time. If you don’t take enough time for the important bonding step, then that new person will have no reason to stay with you after getting a sex fix. If the only thing that person appreciates in you is sex, or if he/she doesn’t like/know your personality, you cannot expect a one-night stand to last. That’s why sleeping together on the first night is not recommended if you want to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend.

• Don’t expect too much from new people in your life. Don’t offer your heart so fast. Relax and take your time. Taking a relationship too seriously too fast scares potential boyfriends/girlfriends away. Let go with your fears and embrace the present moment. You cannot be disappointed if you don’t have expectations.


• I could give lots of tips to make work relationships in the long run. I’m going to keep it short in this article. My main tip is having an excellent communication with your beloved one. Your partner must be your greatest confident. Any lie is going to erode each other’s trust. You have to communicate about everything, especially what you consider as shameful. If you cannot tell the truth about your small issues, how will you ever be able to share really big things? Don’t allow the snowball effect ruin your relationship. Don’t hide things from your beloved one. You cannot build a real relationship on lies. Also, remember to keep an attractive personality in the long term. Becoming complacent can lead to breakups.

• Understand that all our experiences are an opportunity to grow. Make conscious decisions as much as possible. As you evolve in life, some people can become bad matches for you. Being dumped is actually a great chance to move on and meet new people that suit you better. Don’t be attached to the past and don’t fear the future, for this is not the way to a thriving life. The key is acceptance. The quicker you accept life vicissitude, the quicker great things will come your way. Accept what you cannot control, but develop good strategies to go where you want to be.

Eyes can become blue with specific diet

This article will introduce a theory that explains why some people who switch to a healthy diet have eyes that change color. From brown, green or grey to blue. This has nothing to do with Aryan or iridology theories that are not supported by science.

bleu eye.jpg

In Asia, they sell whitening products for skin, its active substance is glutathione. A high intake of glutathione antioxidant inhibits melanin synthesis (ref no.1). Melanin is a pigment that colors our skin, hair and eyes. Depending on our genetics and our sun exposure, our skin will be more or less pigmented.

Back to the main topic, though. Some babies are born with deep blue eyes. Then, their eye color becomes brown or stays blue, depending on their genetics. I was born with blue eyes. Then, during childhood, teenage and adulthood, my eyes were green. Since I changed my diet in 2010, my eyes have become blue noticeably. Why?

A study (ref no.2) found that a higher consumption of glutathione decreases melanin production, thereby reducing eye/hair/skin pigmentation.

Which foods contain glutathione ?

Glutathione is a nutrient that tends to be destroyed by cooking. Here is a table from a study (ref no.3):


Therefore, fresh raw fruits and vegetables are sources of glutathione. Another study (ref no.4) shows that a substantial intake of vitamin C increases glutathione levels.

In a nutshell, here is the answer to your question. Can eyes become blue? It depends on your genetics. If your eyes are originally blue, fresh fruit and vegetables can make your eyes become blue gradually. You do not need to eat 100% raw foods. A plant-based diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables will surely increase your glutathione levels and change your pigmentation to some extent.


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