Why do they all dump you? Are you cursed to be lonely?

Has your crush sneaked out after sex and avoided you since then?
Were you living a dream with “the one” and has it ended suddenly for no apparent reason?

For starters, there’s no such things as “the one”. There are plenty of potential good matches for you on Earth. Movies and songs make you believe there’s one person for you out there that you need to find. You’ll think you’ve found “the one” when a new partner makes you feel amazing. But when “the one” rejects you, it can trigger something which can build-up fear of rejection in you. You’ll start seeing a pattern of disappointments and think you’re cursed or other nonsense. Then, a weak emotional muscle and low self-esteem can lead to despair.


The way stated above is the way to failure and sadness. Let me teach you my way.

• You must overcome fear of rejection by loving yourself more. Learn to enjoy spending time alone. Once you find you’re in good company just by yourself, you will not fear being alone. Understand how awesome you are. Here’s the attitude for letting go and being happy: “If he/she doesn’t want me, it’s his/her loss.” Radiant and happy people are way more attractive than drainbows.

• If you stay in some circles, like alcoholics, drug addicts, hate groups, victim groups, then you’re not going to meet any great partners. By becoming a better person, you’ll attract better quality people too. If you become fit, you’ll meet fit people. If you become an artist, you’ll meet artists. Just socialize with people with a healthier mindset and be the kind of person you’d like to date.

• Understand how relationships work. I recommend Corey Wayne teachings. Take some time to get to know the kind of people you like. Practice dating, you’ll gain some experience and confidence. The beginning of a relationship is a crucial moment when some behaviors can deter people away or attract them like magnets. Being needy, complaining, insisting, having low-self esteem, being fake, etc. is unattractive, while being well-centered, looking healthy, having high standards, following a life purpose, being passionate, etc. are attractive.

• You need to bond enough with your new potential partner before having sex for the first time. If you don’t take enough time for the important bonding step, then that new person will have no reason to stay with you after getting a sex fix. If the only thing that person appreciates in you is sex, or if he/she doesn’t like/know your personality, you cannot expect a one-night stand to last. That’s why sleeping together on the first night is not recommended if you want to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend.

• Don’t expect too much from new people in your life. Don’t offer your heart so fast. Relax and take your time. Taking a relationship too seriously too fast scares potential boyfriends/girlfriends away. Let go with your fears and embrace the present moment. You cannot be disappointed if you don’t have expectations.


• I could give lots of tips to make work relationships in the long run. I’m going to keep it short in this article. My main tip is having an excellent communication with your beloved one. Your partner must be your greatest confident. Any lie is going to erode each other’s trust. You have to communicate about everything, especially what you consider as shameful. If you cannot tell the truth about your small issues, how will you ever be able to share really big things? Don’t allow the snowball effect ruin your relationship. Don’t hide things from your beloved one. You cannot build a real relationship on lies. Also, remember to keep an attractive personality in the long term. Becoming complacent can lead to breakups.

• Understand that all our experiences are an opportunity to grow. Make conscious decisions as much as possible. As you evolve in life, some people can become bad matches for you. Being dumped is actually a great chance to move on and meet new people that suit you better. Don’t be attached to the past and don’t fear the future, for this is not the way to a thriving life. The key is acceptance. The quicker you accept life vicissitude, the quicker great things will come your way. Accept what you cannot control, but develop good strategies to go where you want to be.

Eyes can become blue with specific diet

This article will introduce a theory that explains why some people who switch to a healthy diet have eyes that change color. From brown, green or grey to blue. This has nothing to do with Aryan or iridology theories that are not supported by science.

bleu eye.jpg

In Asia, they sell whitening products for skin, its active substance is glutathione. A high intake of glutathione antioxidant inhibits melanin synthesis (ref no.1). Melanin is a pigment that colors our skin, hair and eyes. Depending on our genetics and our sun exposure, our skin will be more or less pigmented.

Back to the main topic, though. Some babies are born with deep blue eyes. Then, their eye color becomes brown or stays blue, depending on their genetics. I was born with blue eyes. Then, during childhood, teenage and adulthood, my eyes were green. Since I changed my diet in 2010, my eyes have become blue noticeably. Why?

A study (ref no.2) found that a higher consumption of glutathione decreases melanin production, thereby reducing eye/hair/skin pigmentation.

Which foods contain glutathione ?

Glutathione is a nutrient that tends to be destroyed by cooking. Here is a table from a study (ref no.3):


Therefore, fresh raw fruits and vegetables are sources of glutathione. Another study (ref no.4) shows that a substantial intake of vitamin C increases glutathione levels.

In a nutshell, here is the answer to your question. Can eyes become blue? It depends on your genetics. If your eyes are originally blue, fresh fruit and vegetables can make your eyes become blue gradually. You do not need to eat 100% raw foods. A plant-based diet that includes raw fruits and vegetables will surely increase your glutathione levels and change your pigmentation to some extent.


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Photography in wild Alsace, France (my home)

Vote for the landscape you like most in the comment section ☘
(All pictures are mine.)

#1 View from the hill behind my house

#2 Sunset when I was lost in another valley
barriere montagne coucher du soleil.jpg

#3 Wild end of the Munster valley
vallee sauvage.jpg

#4 Witch caldrons (Cuve des Fées) on rocks at the Grand Hohnack summit
puits de sorciere.JPG

#5 Misty passage between rocks (Le sentier des roches)

#6 A dream place for retirement or a holiday? (Réserve Naturelle Frankenthal-Missheimle)
maison de reve.JPG

#7 A wooden bridge close to that dream house
depuis le pont.JPG

#8 Lovely and loud donkeys in front of l’Auberge du Ried

#9 Sloes. These edible berries are called “prunelle” in French, it means “small plums”. Don’t pick them to early, because they would be to acidic. Wait for the end of Autumn to pick this tiny survival fruit.

#10 Winter at the Petit Ballon des Vosges
petit ballon.jpg

#11 Ridges
cretes bruissons.JPG

#12 Morning ray of light in the forest
rayons du matin.jpg

#13 This is love (cows near the Wettstein pass)
vaches ok.jpg

#14 Schiessrothried lake
lac du schiesssrothried.JPG

#15 A cute little bridge somewhere of the way to the Lac du Forlet
pont de bois.JPG

#16 What a view. It feel good to have climbed that.
vue magnifique.jpg

#17 Mossy rocks

#18 Ridges in summer near to the Petit Ballon summit

#19 Northwest side of the Gaschney mountain
quelque part.JPG

#20 Rocky path between the Gaschney path and the Schiessrothried inn
sentier de rochers.jpg

#21 That’s so steep! (Trois Fours area)
cretes raides.JPG

#22 A wild and quiet area (at Shiessrothried inn)
auberge du shiessrothried.jpg

#23 View from the ridges on the lake
vue imprenable.JPG

#24 Can you feel the fresh air just by looking at this ridge picture?
vue splendide.JPG

#25 Back in the Munster valley

#26 A nap on the moss, anyone?

How to interpret your dreams without dream dictionaries

Have you ever checked dream dictionaries online in order to understand the meaning of your dreams?

I did, and I rarely got any meaningful explanation. Of course, you can always find one detail that is relevant for you in random woo-woo, but all the rest of the interpretation usually doesn’t make any sense. It makes no sense because we all have different values, symbols and life purposes. I think these dream dictionaries are as irrelevant as horoscope, because there’s neither logic nor science in horoscopes and dream dictionaries. You’ll always find things than match you or please you in fake interpretations. Any good psychologist can make fake paranormal interpretations. Just don’t waste your money in services refuted by science.


By talking about dreams with my brother over the years systematically, we found out that interpreting dreams was so much simpler than we thought. The answers are within you. Piece of cake! Just ask yourself some simple questions:

• What did you see in your dream and what do these things remind you of? These objects, places, people, animals, etc. are a mix of what you experienced and witnessed in real life lately. That’s completely normal.
• How did you feel as the events unrolled in your dream? Happy? Relaxed? Anxious? Scared? Real life stress, fears, goals and fantasies are mirrored in dreams. Take good note of which dream items struck you emotionally, for they reflect your real struggles or aspirations.
• Did you go to another floor? It symbolizes a change of consciousness level within the dream.
• Did you cross a doorstep? Going to another room is just a complete change of scene.
• Did you use transports or park your vehicle over and over? It simply means you’re dreaming very lightly, close to waking up. It shows you have slept enough and are enjoying some extra sleep.

Have a paper and a pen next to your bed so you can write your dreams immediately after you wake up. Telling your dreams to a close friend or a family member is a good way to understand dreams too. I suggest you practice writing or telling your dreams because this can help make their meaning more obvious.

If you want to improve your chances to remember your dreams, I suggest you read my previous article Lucid dreaming – Best tips.


Lucid dreaming – Best tips

Here are some steps you can take to start enjoying lucid dreams. I practiced all the tips I list in this article and I’m sure they’ll help you.

ciel ok3.jpg

You have probably heard about lucid dreaming before. Here is a brief definition:
A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

Some habits will help you have dreams and lucid dreams more often:

  1. Think, read or hear about lucid dreaming during the day or, even better, before sleeping. Focusing more attention on it increases its probability to happen.
  2. Before sleeping, you can plan what you want to dream about and it might work. While dwelling on concerns and sorrows can lead to unpleasant dreams, you can use pre-sleep time wisely instead. If you have to make a major life decision, for instance about your work or your relationship, you can use dreams to reach your subconscious self by asking yourself a specific question before sleeping and you can find the best answer when you dream or wake up.
  3. Avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol drinking suppresses REM sleep. REM sleep is the portion of sleep when there are rapid eye movements (REMs). Dreams occur during REM sleep. Also avoid drugs in general, as they may make you dream, but not at an actively conscious level.
  4. If you tend to have bad dreams, avoid chocolate. Scientists found that cacao is linked to nightmares. Theobromine present in cacao is a neurotoxin sadly.
  5. Wake up the right way. In my experience, whether you remember dreams or not seems to depend on the way you wake up. Waking up too fast will most likely erase your dream memories. Lying down in bed still is a better way to recall your dreams, this action will help you keep the dream content in your mind.
  6. Lack of sleep is bad for dreaming. Going to bed early helps you have dreams. You’ll also remember dreams better if you don’t enable any alarm clock. If you cannot be late for work in the morning, you’d be surprised that a properly rested body may wake you up before the terrible alarm clock sounds. I usually go to bed at 8 pm.
  7. Get some extra sleep. You can even stay in bed still with closed eyes and fall asleep again. This is when you are going to dream the most and be able to influence the dream more easily.
  8. When you’re dreaming, every time your notice that your dream is weird or unrealistic, like in the movie Inception, don’t stay passive in your dream. This is the right time to become aware you’re in a dream. You can even do a reality test. This exercise takes some practice. Once you’re conscious in your dream, you can choose to lead the action.


What is a reality test? You can do it anytime, during the day or a dream. Here are some ideas. Look at your own hand. Does it look like yours? Or try to read a newspaper or a poster for example. The letters might stay blur in a dream. If the headline is a clear text, look away and then look at the paper again. Have the words changed? In reality, newspapers or posters don’t change like in Harry Potter movies. If the test has failed, then you’re not awake. Good news, you know you’re in a dream, nothing really matters because it’s not really happening and you can twist the dream unwinding the way you want.

Once you manage to become conscious that you are in a dream and lead the dream quite often, you would want to take this opportunity to choose to fly, dive deep in a lake, have incredible sex, practice music, create any situation or more. Be creative. How awesome can you feel after such great dream? You can even take some dream inspiration back to the real world. Many times I discovered unknown melodies or languages in dreams that were really puzzling when I woke up. Have paper and a pen on your night table so you can draw or write on a paper what you experienced in the dream kingdom.

Lucid dreaming can improve your quality of life. Having great dreams will improve your morning mood. If you tend to have bad dreams, lucid dreaming practice can help you change the dark dreams into something enjoyable. Dreams can also point out things that are wrong in your life and you can choose to divert your life in a better way. Good things happen with more consciousness.

Feel free to share your dreaming experience in the comment section.


Mouth-watering foods that are actually healthy

Today, I’ll show you a few dishes I cooked at home. All of them are absolutely delicious and good for you. Let me introduce them one by one. These recipes are easy and no not require special skills. Feel free to comment which dishes are the most mouth-watering for you. Are you going to cook one of these meals during the next week?

#1 Oil-free “fries”
The recipe is simple. Coat potato sticks with curry powder and aromatic herbs, then bake them in the oven. I posted this picture first because I think everyone should try this recipe. If you haven’t tasted baked oil-free fries, then you’re missing out big time!

This is the same recipe with potato slices instead of potato sticks. Adjust the cooking time depending on your oven and the thickness of your slices.

#2 Guacamole toasts never get old
Preparing fresh guacamole is easy and tastes always better than packaged guacamole. Mash a ripe avocado, add some lime juice, tomato pieces and some spices to your taste, like black pepper, curry or chili powder.

#3 Gnocchi from heaven
This is simply made of standard gnocchi, canned kidney beans and plant-cream. I also added basil leaves and cooked yellow zucchini. You’ll find plant creams like soy cream, oat cream and rice cream in the organic/dietetic section.

#4 Yellow and purple sweet potatoes and pumpkin on rice
Put your rice in a bowl, then unmold it on a wide dish. Now you can spread the cooked pieces of sweet potatoes and pumkin over the dish and serve.

#5 Guess what is the food with multiple weird holes
This is slices of lotus root. I think it looks amazing. I have put many kinds of vegetables in this big bowl, but you can use any vegetables and starches you like instead. Here I cooked rice, lotus root slices, taro root, carrot, corn and pak choy.

#6 Spring rolls as a refreshing appetizer
Get some rice disks at an Asian shop, soak them for 30 seconds, then garnish them with raw vegetables like: cucumber, carrot, red/yellow bell pepper, mint leaves, lettuce, avocado, tofu. You can dip them in diluted soy sauce.

#7 Lasagna
This is the most complicated recipe in this page. Follow a standard lasagna recipe, using vegan cheese and vegan cream instead of animal-origin ingredients. Add layers of lasagna pasta, no-meat bolognese (tomato sauce with mushroom and/or tofu), spinach, vegan cheese. Top it with a plant-based bechamel and bake it.

#8 Glutton pizza
You can’t be wrong with pizza. Feel free adding all the veggies you like, and even starches like potatoes if you like it. I like to have molten vegan cheese or vegan salami, pineapple, potato, black olives, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and oregano on my pizza.

#9 Buddha bowl
A Buddha bowl consists of a healthy big bowl of legumes, vegetables and starches. The bowl on the picture below includes mashed potatoes, edamame beans (immature soy beans), orange sweet potato, bok choy, cilantro leaves and unknown ball roots.

#10 Lazy purees
I like to blend stuff. The light yellow puree is made of blend cooked potatoes only. The green puree is a blend of cooked spinach and potatoes. You can add a tiny bit of salt and other spices, according to your taste.

#11 Assortment of prepared foods… heated at home
A feast without guilt. Here is what I cooked: Bread topped with molten vegan cheese and Provencal herbs, lettuce, cooked eggplant, fried vegetables spring rolls, fried plant balls and corn grains in tomato sauce.

#12 Rice noodles and pumpkin
This is one one the meals make at least once a week because I think it tastes awesome. I sprinkle it with this mix: 1 tbsp soy sauce, 2-3 tbsp water, ground spices.

#13 Whole plant foods banquet
Homemade cooked vegetables on this pictures: potatoes, chickpeas, broccoli florets, carrots and tomato sauce made by my mom. It fills your stomach, nourishes your body and doesn’t make you fat.

I hope you are hungry now 😀

Best FRUIT ART you’ll ever see

Here are some of the favorite fruit art pictures I made during the last years. Some of them required one hour of preparation.

Please say the number of the picture you like most in the comment section. Or feel free to ask what are the fruit is a specific picture. I own all of these pictures.

I’ll do another series with pretty cooked food or food stashes on another day. Stay tuned!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4
Proof I made it:

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Number 11

Number 12

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Number 16

Number 17

Number 18

Number 19

Number 20

Number 21

Number 22

Number 23

Number 24

Number 25

Number 26

Number 27

Number 28

Number 29

Number 30

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Number 32