You can find my three e-books in this page:

  • Lose weight and be healthy for life
  • My meal plan
  • Cycling advice for beginners

Here is my weightloss ebook and my meal plan for a healthy BMI


Lose weight and be healthy for life

Forget about yo-yo diets and stuff your face with the right foods. This book will guide you for a healthy and sustainable weight loss without calorie restriction. Understand the science behind the high-carb low-fat diets. As I understand people want to see proof of my claims, I quote many studies in these ebook.

To buy my e-book for 11€ on PayHip, click here.


Hello Pauline, congratulations on your new ebook! I read it the past few days and I love it. By the way, I am an author myself and I have been HCV for 10 years 🙂 Your book is very well written (as far as I can say this as a German), very clear and well researched (list of references – very good, because I know other ebook-authors which don’t bother and yet it is so important for the credibility). I love the pieces of evidence that show how healthy a HCV-lifestyle is. Thank you 🙂 Marlene

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My meal plan

This meal plan will teach you healthy and sustainable eating habits to help you reach a healthy BMI long term. Each of you will find the required amounts of food you need, whether you are a sedentary/active man or woman. This PDF includes diet advice and weekly grocery lists for each season.

To buy my Meal Plan for 6€ on PayHip, click here.

meal plan preview

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Cycling advice for beginners

All my great advice is there!

To buy my Cycling Advice ebook on PayHip, click here.

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