An addressable cause of smoke season in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

The smoke season in Chiang Mai province lasts from mid February to mid April (Songkran). It jeopardizes people’s health and tourism incomes.

Now, take a look at these graphs (screenshots made on March 29th, 2018). Do these figures appear normal to you?
cnx and bkk aqi.png

Why is the air quality in Chiang Mai much worse than in Bangkok (capital of Thailand)? As Bangkok is a town much bigger than Chiang Mai, it should more polluted because of its traffic, right? There must be another major cause of pollution. Traffic emissions cannot explain why Chiang Mai is so polluted during the “smoke season.”

The smoke is visible and people experience health issues in Chiang Mai. You’ll see many people wearing masks to filter the particles. I do not wear such masks as I do not feel any symptom, even when I ride my bicycle.

For starters, farmers are used to burn fields and brush to get ready for a new season of crops, this persistent habit generates huge amounts of smoke. Authorities are currently working on projects of biocharovens, which could fix part of the smog problem.

Local residents are also blamed for burning garbage that caused thick smoke to blanket wide areas of Chiang Mai.
garbage fire.png

Look at these burnt corn cobs. They are burnt massively around Chiang Mai and cause lots of smoke. There are many pig farms in Chiang Mai province. These pigs are fed with corn, and then the farmers burn the cobs outside in the open air.
burn corn cobs.jpg

Unlike in former times, Thai people eat lotssss of pig meat nowadays. There’s meat literally everywhere in Chiang Mai. Barbecued meat is being prepared on every street corner as of 7 a.m. More smoke thanks to BBQ’s…

Eating animal products involves growing much more plants than eating plants directly. It makes sense, as you have to feed the cattle. The human population is too big to keep playing hunters. Humans don’t hunt, they buy pieces of dead exploited animals. Animal agriculture is detrimental for the planet and human health. Protein is actually very easy to get in a plant-based diet. But if you care about protein deficiency, check the protein efficiency diagram below.
Land Use Efficiency.jpg

Vegan meals are not boring. I became passionate about food when I became a vegan:
Mouth-watering foods that are actually healthy
And Best FRUIT ART you’ll ever see

Smart land use efficiency

To end on a positive note:
A great thing in Thailand is the plentiful number of vegetarian restaurants spread in the whole country. You can identify them by their sign, pronounced “jay”, which looks like the number “17”. Chiang Mai is also known as one of the vegan capitals in the world. Check these vegan/vegetarian restaurants on the mobile app HappyCow. Every time you spend money, you promote an industry.
jay vegetarian thailand.jpg

Do you want to be part of the problem of part of the solution?
This is a choice you can make on a daily basis:
• by using a bicycle, common transports or your legs instead of a car/motorbike;
• by eating plants instead of animal products;
• by buying only what you really need;
• by refusing plastic bags and other single-use plastics;

Share your eco ideas 🙂

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